Money Service Business

Money Service Business Accounts

At State Bank of Texas it is our goal to provide dedicated resources to service Money Service Business (MSB) customers throughout the United States.

State Bank of Texas is uniquely qualified to provide the level of elevated services that an MSB customer requires. It is our intent to meet the unique business needs and exceed the customer service expectations your company requires. Whether you are a small payroll check casher or a large money transmitter, SBT can assist with your banking needs.

You can be certain that State Bank of Texas is committed to helping you grow your Money Service Business by providing management that is knowledgeable of your industry as well as staff experienced in dealing with your day to day banking challenges.

Some of the additional services we make available for MSB customers are:

Remote Deposit Capture – Make your check deposits from the ease and safety of your MSB location and avoid the necessity of making a trip to the bank.

Virtual Vault and Cash Safes – SBT works with all major armored car carriers to handle the cash needs of out-of-market locations.

Cash Management – Streamline your processes for ACH and wire origination. Secure systems to process your electronic items in an efficient, cost effective manner.

Expedited Handling of Returned Items – State Bank of Texas understands the special importance of our MSB customers obtaining return item information as quickly as possible to avoid losses.

Branch and Back Office Support Teams – Our frontline Managers and our Back Office support team are well trained on the special servicing needs of our MSB customers. Everything from cash services to forgery claim processing is handled in an expedited manner to meet the ever changing landscape of the MSB industry.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your banking needs. To expedite this process please feel free to click the link below and review our MSB Account Agreement, stop by our branch nearest to you or contact our corporate office at 972-252-6000.

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